Welcome to dive in the Ojamo mine!

Ojamo mine has a long history in Finnish technical diving. Since the so called "Bushdive" event in 1999, the organisation has grown and developed into cooperation with the city of Lohja and the other partners who use the quarry for different purposes. This cooperation and commonly agreed codes of diving are what we wish to value and develop in the future, and this is why it is crucial that all of you coming to dive in Ojamo familiarize yourselves with the safety regulations stated on this website in advance. These regulations make it possible for all of us continue diving in Ojamo. In addition to the limitations set by these regulations, diving is also restricted to your qualifications and experience as a diver. The more experienced Ojamo-goers are always glad to help and instruct new Ojamo divers.

The quarry offers possibilities for more than advanced cave diving so divers of different levels are welcome to dive with us. Our aim is to regularly organize events that are also open for divers who are new to Ojamo. If you are a qualified and experienced cave diver visiting Finland, and would like to see parts of the mine during your trip, contact us in advance and we will do our best to schedule guided dives for you. We also open events for free divers upon a request. To find out more about what is going on in the mine you should first register yourself to become a user of this Ojamo portal.

Diving in the Ojamo mine is based on work and effort of a small bunch of volunteers. I hope that everybody who wants to dive with us is also willing to do their part in keeping the site clean and safe. The events require certain promptness and you should be prepared to stay for the whole period of time announced. Everybody has their turn and responsibility in the safety and support organization in the surface as well. The “keyholder”, that is, the person who is organizing the event, will help you with any questions or worries you might have during the event. He/she should be considered to be like the captain of the dive boat who has the full authority to ensure the smooth running of the dive event.